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WWE CEo Vince Mcmahon has fired yet another WWE employee after he made a brief phone conversation, our source have learnt.

Former WWE composer Jim Johnston has opened up about his recent firing and clearly sounds disappointed over how it all ended.

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Jim Johnston WWE Composer

Johnston was a guest on the Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast this week and said things started to change for him in WWE about 3-4 years ago due to politics behind the scenes. He wouldn’t go into detail, but says he trusted friends “who turned out not to be friends.”

Coincidentally, or maybe not, CFO$ began to produce music for WWE around the same time.

As for his firing, it was done by Vince McMahon during a brief phone conversation. “I think there were better ways to end it where everyone could’ve walked away with a much better feeling,” Johnston explained. “After 32 years, it feels like a lost opportunity to me and I don’t really understand it.”

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The full interview includes Jim talking about how he got into the business, what goes into making songs, his feelings on WWE TV not featuring credits and much more.