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The closer we get to WrestleMania, the deeper the enmity clashes between Roman Reigns and Triple H. Now the WWE has no other decision but to list the match between Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker as the main event of the show.

The world discourages the effort of Vince McMahon to force feed Roman Reigns to them. Vince himself has given up the match and now wants Triple H and the WWE stars in waiting to be least.

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Vince went on to say that in the match between The Undertaker and Shane, Undertaker has to snatch Shane’s soul if not; undertaker wont set his foot in the ring at WrestleMania again. This idea cannot be discredited even as we think that the idea is an easy way out.

More so, another detail that cannot be ignored is that of Dean Ambrose vs. Vince McMahon , WWE CEO

match. This match quickly ushers the Triple H vs. Roman Reigns match into the scene with the complete fame of Dean Ambrose. Well to Brock Lesnar, there is no disregard.