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TNA Dixie Carter

According to Hall of fame manager, Jim Cornette, former wrestling boss and Kevin Nash had slept together once.

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The statement left everyone’s mouth wide open as nobody thought that things like this were actually going on in the company. For the heck of it, Dixie Carter has stepped down as TNA president after Anthem Sports & Entertainment took control of the company.

The future Hall of fame manager, Jim Cornette, revealed to the public that former TNA Dixie Carter and Kevin Nash had slept together once. He said: “I will say that there were aspersions cast around that when she would be seen with certain people in the restaurant, or restaurant bar at the Double Tree after the events and they would be pouring the wine for her to tell her how great she was, but I couldn’t speak as intelligently as Scott Hall when it comes to that, because one of the aspersions that are being cast about that is a “very good friend” of his.

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It was not clearly stated though even when he was been pressed upon to say the talents name he kept it and made it in a way that made everyone believed that he was actually referring to Nash. Not just that, it was revealed in time past that Dixie had been sleeping with some guys in the TNA locker-room. The rumor was heard among the critics of Dixie and according to report, it was just to bring her to disrepute.

More so, Kevin Nash was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and this has got lots of folks saying that Dixie Carter had released him from his deal to go back to WWE because if she didn’t, he was going to tell everyone about their “relationship.” This has been the talk in town even though the report was not welcomed by many of Dixie’s fans.