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Repoerts have just reached us that wrestling manager Paul has passed away at the age of 75….

It was reported on Wednesday by the Mid-Atlantic Gateway website that Paul Jones (real name Paul Frederik) recently passed away, although details of his death are unknown.

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Paul Jones was trained by Paul Boesch and Morris Sigel and wrestled for 21 years throughout the United States. He had stints with Mid-Atlantic, Florida, Oregon, Canada, and toured Japan and Australia.

He had a big run in Florida in the early 70’s, winning the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship five times between 1972 and 1973, feuding with Jack Brisco and Buddy Colt. It was during his time in Florida as a heel that he began to refer to himself as “Number One Paul Jones”.

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It was in Mid-Atlantic that he won the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight title on three occasions. He first defeated Johnny Valentine in March 1975 with a disputed finish in Charlotte, North Carolina when Valentine placed his foot on the bottom rope, but the title change stood. The controversy led to a rematch ten-days later and Valentine regained the title. Jones later traded the title back-and-forth with Jack Brisco. Jones won the title on September 1st, 1982, dropped it back to Brisco in October, regained the title on November 2nd, and finally dropped it back to Brisco for the final time on November 30th.

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Jones also worked in the territory as a tag team with Ricky Steamboat, Masked Superstar, Wahoo McDaniel, and Baron von Raschke with runs as the tag champions with each partner.

Jones received lots of exposure for his role as a heel manager in Jim Crockett Promotions throughout the 80’s. He began managing in 1982 and led the Paul Jones Army, which included Superstar Billy Graham, Manny Fernandez, Abdullah the Butcher, Ivan Koloff, Masked Superstar, and later served as the manager for the Powers of Pain.

During this era, he has a well-remembered feud with Jimmy Valiant. It began with an angle where Jones shaved off the beard of Valiant after an attack by The Assassins. It would lead to a Loser Leaves Town Tuxedo Street Fight at the 1984 Starrcade, which Jones won, although Valiant returned. The feud lasted years with Valiant battling all of Jones’ stable and culminated at the 1986 Starrcade with Valiant defeating Jones in a No Disqualification Match.

Jones left JCP in 1989 and would retire altogether in 1991.

Jones was 75 years old at the time of his passing.