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Reports coming from several sources say that the Hardcore Wrestling Star Tetsuo Sekigawa known by the ring name Mr. Pogo has just passed away.

The 66-years-old Japanese pro wrestler is reported to have passed away following a cerebral infarction sustained during a back surgery at a hospital in Gunma, Japan.

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Aside Japan, Mr. Pogo has wrestled in Canada, and the United states. Pogo also fought against noteworthy opponents including Jake Roberts, Ric Flair, Harley Race, Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, Kevin Sullivan, Terry Funk, but his most memorable opponent perhaps was the Hardcore Icon, Atsushi Onita, whom Pogo had several barbaric deathmatches with.

Pogo broke his neck in a “double Hell Death Match” against Terry Funk in 1996 and was forced to retire. He however returned to the ring and never formally announced his retirement.

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Mr. Pogo was a pioneer and a true legend of the Hardcore wrestling style. He put his body and his well-being on the line for the entertainment of his fans. Pogo will continue to be an inspiration for the entire generation of wrestlers after him.