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After a long time in the wrestling industry, former champion, and current Raw roster member has announced that he would be retiring from in-ring competition.

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“The World’s Strongest Man” is not a newbie in the WWE promotion; he has been with the company for two decades and has achieved multiple championships, including the ECW title and World Heavyweight Championship.

On a recent interview, Mark Henry confirmed that he would be retiring probably at Royal Rumble next year. The 46-years-old legend has made notes on his retirement months earlier but that sounded like rumour and the WWE Universe wanted him to confirm it.

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On a recent episode of Sam Roberts Podcast, Mark Henry confirmed the rumors. Henry indicated he would no longer be appearing in an in-ring capacity but would have more of a backstage role. That could mean Henry will help superstars work on various aspects of their delivery of promos, in-ring skills, or help with creative concepts. Other superstars who have transitioned into a similar role have included Finlay, Jamie Noble, and Road Dogg.

In July, the 46-years-old Superstar appeared on WWE Network with Big Show and Kane and he noted he would be transitioning to this backstage role as well.

So it is fitting to announce that Mark Henry who has been with the company since 1996 is officially retiring at Royal Rumble, just as he had confirmed himself.