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Over some years now the WWE has been making tremendous signing of big names into the company. Even at this, some are also done with the company. King Barrett has been reported to leave the company when his contract ends.

More so, other fighters are giving their notice to leave the company. Brie Bella reported that she may retire this summer and will not fight anymore.

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It has been rumored that there is a superstar who gave a notice to leave the company, but his/her name is yet to be revealed. Also, rumors have gone out that Dolph Ziggler was going to TNA. But who could this superstar be?

Many other fighters have been rumored to leave the WWE Company. These wrestlers cannot be held back since it is their decision to leave the company. These rumors got some folks happy and leaves others unhappy as well. But that’s just life!

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In line with the foregoing, Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer has affirmed that he’s quite aware of the whole saga but somehow he failed to leave a name of whom the star might be. Hence, he tweeted this below: