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Renee Young Pregnant: Dean Ambrose did his job as a husband very well. Hey, congratulations to the highly rated WWE announcer!

Renee Jane Paquette is a remarkable WWE presenter and also seconds as the dear wife of WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose. Renee Young got married to Jonathan David Good best known as Dean Ambrose and their marriage was done behind the cameras.

Words have been circling that the WWE announcer is pregnant and Renee Young has thought it worthwhile to make clarification about her pregnancy.

The WWE Universe are worried and asking, “Is Renee Young, Dean Ambrose’s Wife Pregnant?”

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One point where the story becomes more interesting is that Dean Ambrose and his wife Renee Young prefer to go quietly. They don’t like shouting their private lives especially their things pertaining to their marriage. Even their marriage was done without the knowledge of lots of people despite their huge fans and popularity.

So we may be in for another shocker as Renee Young said she’s pregnant. Word just jumped in that Dean Ambrose and his wife (Renee Young) are also expecting their first child after The Miz and his wife, Maryse.

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Could it be true? Could there be substance in what Renee Young announced? While the arguments goes to and fro, Renee Young announced she was pregnant and that got everyone wondering.

WWE Renee Young Pregnant

Now, the question is being asked again, Renee Young, Dean Ambrose’s wife be pregnant after-all. we are yet to confirm it at this time if Renee Young is pregnant. Please, check back as we make investigation.