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Does Zelina Vega have a boyfriend? Everyone is just asking this very one questions about Zelina Vega’s love life.

Then we made inquiries about Zelina Vega private life and who she’s currently dating and below is the details. Information reached our news rooms that a lot of people are wondering if she has a boyfriend and if she’s dating her business associate, Andrade “Cien” Almas.

But that’s not true, she’s not dating her business associate, Andrade “Cien” Almas.

We understand that since she’s one of WWE’s SmackDown LIVE Superstars, it is only expected that fans would want to know about Vega — real name Thea Trinidad — outside of the ring.

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Vega is apparently dating a fellow WWE performer, but he’s not Almas.

It looks like Zelina Vega(Thea Trinidad)is dating NXT Superstar Aleister Black.

A photo recently popped up on social media of the two very much looking like a couple since Black is kissing Vega on her forehead.

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It’s unclear exactly where this photo comes from and how old it is. Black has been in NXT since late 2016 and Vega arrived at the developmental brand in June 2017. She remained in NXT until April 2018, at which point she was promoted to the main roster alongside Almas. Vega and Black look no different today, so the photograph could be somewhat recent.

In a strong sign that they’re currently together, Vega posted a video of herself doing boxing training with Black on Thanksgiving of all days.

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Vegas previously dated former WWE Superstar Austin Aries from 2012 until sometime last year, but many wrestling fans aren’t aware they broke up. In August 2018, Vega confirmed their split after a fan mistakenly said on Twitter that they’re either married or engaged.

Vega wrote, “I am going to say this once: We are NOT together and have not been together for a very long time. We were certainly NEVER married or engaged. I’ve moved on a long time ago and do not wish to be associated with him.”

When Vega made her SmackDown LIVE debut back in May, Aries, who now wrestles for IMPACT Wrestling and various independent promotions, confirmed they’re no longer together in a congratulatory tweet.

Their breakup had been rumored since July 2017 as Vega deleted photos of herself with Aries from her Instagram account around that time.

The rumor of Vega and Aries being engaged at one point stems from Vega posting a photo of a ring on Instagram in April 2016. Vega, however, then said in this tweet that Aries actually gave her a promise ring.

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