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Total Divas Star Nikki Bella has finally made a huge announcement as regards her growing up.

The 34-year old Divas Champion was speaking recently on the Chasing Glory With Lillian Garcia podcast, and she revealed how she was almost abducted as a 15-year-old

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Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace didn’t stop there, she went a step ahead to a harrowing sexual harassment ordeal she went through in her school days, besides also explaining how John Cena helped her reconnect with her emotional side

May we state that Nikki and her dear sister Brie, are one of the most recognisable WWE Superstars today; both of whom tirelessly work to promote social welfare causes.

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The Bellas have always been considerably vocal about women empowerment and draw from their difficult childhood to evolve and grow as strong individuals.

Nikki Bella recalled the time she was almost kidnapped by a half-naked man: “I remember walking home one day from school and this car pulled up behind me really slow and it gave me a really weird feeling and all of a sudden it skimmed me and the man was half naked and tried to pull me into his car and saying crazy things to me.

“And it was terrifying. I remember like fighting, running to the nearest house, screaming, crying (and) like praying the person the person was home because I didn’t know I was being chased. Being a 15-year-old girl, that year I went through so much and it like broke me,” said the former Divas Champion.

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Furthermore, Nikki also spoke of the time she was sexually harassed by her male classmates in her school, who had also circulated inappropriate pictures of her in the institution.

Nikki revealed that she’d subsequently fallen into depression in her younger days, completely closeting her emotional side. In fact, Nikki asserts that it’s only after being in a relationship with John Cena that she’s begun to reconnect with her emotional side—much like her mother, a strong, independent woman who doesn’t get emotional too often.

Nikki Bella is currently rehabilitating a few nagging injuries, and has promised fans that she will make a comeback to WWE competition in the near future.