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The WWE has suspended a superstar with the fine of $10,000.

The WWE SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan fined and suspended Ellsworth for interfering in last week’s Women’s Money in the Bank competition.
The interference of James Ellsworth in the last week women money in the bank show tarnished the first ever Women money in the bank competition. Ellsworth entered the venue in last week’s show even after being banned from the ringside.

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In this past week’s edition of SmackDown, Brayn announced that James Ellsworth will be fined $10,000 and suspended for 30 days from WWE. This was a punishment interfering in last week’s Women’s Money in the Bank competition.

Ellsworth didn’t play a significant role in Carmella’s victory in the money in the bank competition. He only went to celebrate Carmella’s victory by having a Carmellabration.

The party was however interrupted by the Smackdown Women Champion Naomi wh said she was ready to put her i\title in the line against Carmella calling Ellsworth “Ellsworthless”.

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Daniel Brayn also came up stage and declared Ellsworth suspended for 30 days as well as fining Ellsworth $10,000 for disobeying his orders last week. Brayn also laid an ultimatum that if Ellsworth didn’t leave the ring that very second, Carmella would be stripped of her Money in the Bank briefcase.