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The anger that burns in the WWE Hit man has ones again taken another dimension a report reaching us confirms that Randy Orton has engaged a fellow Superstar of the WWE in what is termed as ‘A WAR OF WORDS’.

What has been going on between Orton and Bully Ray is what many believed as enmity, many are of the opinion that Bully Ray’s presence in the WWE portrays serious threat to Orton as the duos bout for a Championship belt.

A fan of Bully Ray who spoke to our news men said;

“For Randy Orton to show hostility toward Ray is a sign of ignorance and indiscipline”
Spirit of sportsmanship is a must in the WWE in order to checkmate the conducts of wrestlers and protect the reputation of the company from being ruin.

The company therefore should find a way of addressing domestic issues among its employees.

If they fail in that aspect where it seems difficult to duel in unity, only God knows what they expect millions of fans to do with themselves.

There are enough lessons to be learnt from the legends of the WWE that have retired and still living on the good reputations they built for themselves.

The likes of The Undertaker and The Rock is a typical example of good reputation builder, as it is not an easy task for anyone to aspire for the post of The US president which is seen as the position of the world president.

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He re-tweeted the critique below of independent wrestling by former wrestler and current Ohio Valley Wrestling instructor, Rip Rogers, and responded by writing “…..dive”: