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John Cena wants the wedding cancelled leaving Nikki Bella crying, WWE stars dating

Nikki Bella must be heartbroken to hear of John Cena’s secret relationship with another top WWE Women’s Champion and one-time Divas Champion who is currently in the same band as herself.

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Yes, the return of Mickie James has stirred so much tension in the air as the WWE Universe are wondering just how would this go down with Nikki Bella, John Cena’s current partner owing to the fact that, former WWE superstar Ken Doane (aka Kenny Dykstra from the Spirit Squad) has pointed out that James and Cena were still sleeping together which led to Cena’s broken marriage with Liz Huberdeau.

Kenny Dykstra claimed on Twitter this week that John Cena’s current divorce stems from marital problems which brooded from adultery with Mickie James. Doane also said that Cena had an affair with Mickie which also made him to end his own relationship with her (Mickie James). Speaking to his followers, he said on the social media site today;

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“… Broke up with her (Mickie James) once I found out she was cheating with John. #Rat.”

John Cena’s relationship with Mickie James was even turned into a WWE storyline in mid-2008. They remained close friends after the relationship ended right up until Cena got married to his childhood sweetheart Liz Huberdeau in 2009. Mickie James didn’t take that well and according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer was transferred from Raw to SmackDown later that year as she struggled to work around Cena.

Another of Mickie’s former boyfriends, Kenny from the Spirit Squad once claimed James was fired because John Cena didn’t want to have a relationship with her.

“He was messing with MJ so I got moved to Smackdown so they could further mess. I jobbed, got fired. When MJ got crazy because he wouldn’t date her, she then got fired. Weird biz huh? She got title, on TV show while with him. Serves her well though.”
He continued, “She wanted to date him, he said no, she flipped out backstage which led to her demise.”

Garcia also asked James about Kenny’s comments.

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“As far as that whole thing with Ken it was a shame that he went out and said the things that he did and did that, because I feel that a lot of it was a lie and it was mostly just kind of to help his book sales or whatever the case may be. But you know, it is what it is and you know, I’m a grown up.”

However, James has been married to TNA star, Magnus, since 2014, but the question now is, would there be a fresh chemistry between them again? Could Mickie still be having feelings for Cena after all this years?

Our Final Submission:

This would be the most interesting story in the WWE generation if eventually the two for lover, Mickie and Cena break their current respective relationships and starts dating again; bring you update as things unfolds!