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Having being diagnosed with a very serious heart disease, top wrestling legend was told that he is in the verge of his death but despite that, he still delight pleasure in showing up in the ring to do one or two things.

Big Van Vader was told by doctors that he only had two years to live. He has since started training with Diamond Dallas Page to do DDP Yoga and get back into shape.

Wrestling legend Big Van Vader is in Japan as part of the Tatsumi Fujinami 45th anniversary show. According to Reddit user u/kamatacci that was in attendance, Vader had collapsed during the show. He had fallen back right as Antonio Inoki was making his way out to give a speech.

While he was down, Keiji Mutoh and Akira Maeda were giving him water to help him cool down. He reportedly rolled out of the ring and walked back with little to no help, but had apparently stumbled outside as well. He was in a match with Puro legend Riki Choshu but had fallen down to one knee in a spot where they were exchanging blows to each other. The Reddit user also pointed out that he had taken a turnbuckle bump. Naturally, he did not look comfortable in the ring.

In his latest update to fans, Vader claimed that he collapsed due to a nasty bump he took early on in the match and not because of anything related to his heart condition.