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According to, WWE CEO has fired another top RAW Superstar.

The previous episode of the WWE Monday Night RAW was inspiring indeed. It was one of its kind. At the event, while there was rejoicing at first, the later became a booing section as WWE CEO Vince McMahon openly fired a top RAW talent.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was in Los Angeles to shoot for the upcoming movie “Fighting With My Family”, which is based on the Bevis (Paige’s) family. He has been posting pictures all over his Instagram account and even affirmed that he will be present on the show.

Before the RAW event on Monday night RAW, it was announced that The Rock will be appearing at the show which took place in Los Angeles, California. The Rock’s return to RAW was indeed an amazing time for fans who had long to see him again in the ring but Vince didn’t allowed fans get the best of him.

Report has it that Vince McMahon has fired The Rock. According to, minutes before the show went on air; the People’s Champion entered the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Vince McMahon apparently ‘fired’ The Rock, who had appeared on the stage to hype up the crowd and ask them to stay in their seats for some post-show entertainment, before Monday’s episode of Raw went on air and walked him off the stage.

He made his grand entrance to inform the fans about the post-show filming. The Rock mentioned Paige and also took a shot at John Cena as he announced, “John Cena is in the movie. I’m kidding, we want a good movie!”

He then went on to perform his signature catchphrases only to be halted by Mr McMahon. Vince came out as the show was seconds away from going on air to ‘fire’ The Rock and proceeded to walk him off the stage. This had the crowd booing for a few minutes.