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According to sources, top WWE representative was shot at while driving his SUV through an area alongside a WWE Companion.

The report states that Ricardo Rodriguez fell on the other side of things during a demonstration of vandalism which resulted to him being shot at. Rodriguez was the one who actually shared details about an unfortunate and dangerous incident which he was a victim of and as seen below, the bullets actually hit his car while he was driving.

He further revealed that the bullets didn’t hit him, it went off target. It went out through the back window of his vehicle, shattering it and leaving Ricardo Rodriguez in a condition of stun. Luckily, nobody was harmed in the episode. Rodriguez took to online networking as he posted a photo of his vehicle with the back window broke out.

Rodriguez posted a picture of his car with the back window busted out with the caption “To the asshole that literally shot at us and took out my back window while driving…. F*** YOU.” Rodriguez doesn’t offer up any additional details, so it could have been a prank gone wrong or a case of extreme road rage. While it’s unfortunate that it happened, at least Rodriguez and his passengers weren’t hurt in the process.


The 30-year-old American appeared for WWE in 2011 for RAW, as an individual ring broadcaster to Alberto Del Rio. Rodriguez then worked for WWE until his split with Del Rio in 2013. The advancement in this way discharged the broadcaster in the next year.

In September 2015, Rodriguez was enlisted as a coach for Great Khali’s wrestling school in Punjab, the Continental Wrestling Entertainment. Rodríguez has additionally highlighted in various WWE computer games, including WWE ’12, WWE ’13, WWE 2K14 and WWE 2K15

Ricardo uncovered that there were many firearm proprietors in the area and along these lines the likelihood of the street seethe episodes are high. Be that as it may, a broken windshield doesn’t resemble an aftereffect of street fury.

Very little is referred to about the occurrence starting at now yet what can be affirmed is that Ricardo did not see the shooter.