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The WWE WrestleMania 33 event is now being counted in days. All things has be put in place for the event matches to ensure its success and even at that, it is revealed that lots of talents has to be removed for one reason or the other.

The recent sex tape of the former WWE Divas Champion Paige drew many superstars and legends to the scene involving them in one way or the other. WWE had in the WrestleMania plan to feature Hulk Hogan but with the recent happenings, the story seems to have changed.

According to report by WWE doesn’t want to bring Hogan back due to how they fear it will bring attention to the current sex tape situation with Paige. Hogan, who worked for the company on and off for over three decades, leaped back into the headlines after audio of his sex tape, was leaked by Gawker.

Well, we never can tell if there would be any change in the future before the match but as for now, the stay is that Hulk Hogan may not appear in the WWE WrestleMania 33. Anyways, with time the whole mess would be wiped off and things will return normal. Paige’s stay with the company is still under deliberation, the final say has not been pronounced, even at this, we hope to hear from WWE before WrestleMania 33.