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Yet again, injury emerges in the field of wrestling. Report has it that popular AAA star Angelico suffered an injury of the elbow at Sunday’s Lucha Underground TV tapings. It was a terrible injury of its kind.

It was said that Angelico arrived at the ground after a springboard move. The referee had to throw an X sign which made other wrestlers conclude the match while Angelico was given a way out to the back.

It was so disastrous and hectic; Angelico saw hell upon his landing down after a springboard move which led to his elbow injury.

More so, during the weekend, another injury was reported; Matanza Cueto popularly known as Jeff Cobb sustained injury at Saturday tapings this injury was as a result of him punching through a window made of glass which sliced his hand and got his vein cut, Matanza Cueto was rushed to the hospital.

Although, the report was that the injury was not serious as it looked, he soon shall recover and will be back to the ring soon. Bill Goldberg suffered same but in a limousine window which almost ended his career in WCW. This injuries sounds serious but not that very serious.