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The WWE legend and hall of famer, Jimmy Snuka was told to have just six months to live of which he is already is living his days out.

According to The Morning Call, there was no ruling today in the Jimmy Snuka competency hearing which took place in Lehigh, PA. The hearing was to determine whether or not. Several rumors had revealed that Jimmy Snuka has finally passed away due to shock resulting from his death news time.

Jimmy Snuka has been a member of the WWE for fairly good years now and it was reported about him that he killed his former 23 years old girlfriend which has always brought him before the law to face judgments.

Anyway, there is no official report by the WWE yet based on the death of this legend but we believe that even at this, WWE may just have to withheld this announcement for some times if the rumor turns out to be true. Our condolences go to is family, friends and fans alike.