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Power and Glory tag team

In Case You Didn’t know: The Power & Glory was a pro wrestling tag team in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from 1990 to 1991. The team consisted of Hercules (Power, strength) and Paul “Romeo” Roma (Glory, looks). The team was managed by Slick.


Paul Roma recently appeared on the Steve Austin Show (transcript via, here are the highlights…

On The Power & Glory Tag Team : Even the Hart Foundation said that nobody was better than us. Bret Hart told us that one day that we were the best tag team he’s ever seen and that it was a shame that we were not getting a push.

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We beat the Hart Foundation at the Nassau Coliseum and immediately took the belts away from us claiming that we cheated, which was obviously the angle. It was deafening in the arena. Everyone was upset that we didn’t keep the belts, and I turned to Ray [Hercules] Hernandez and said, ‘holy s**t, are you hearing this? They’re cheering us. We’re heels, and they’re cheering us over the Hart Foundation, we’re over with the crowd.

After they took the titles away from us, Ray looked over at me and said that we will never see those belts again. I asked him what he was talking about and he said that we will never see those belts again and he was right. I think that I created Power & Glory and the office didn’t, and the way Vince McMahon, like he did with Lex Luger, will pour a million in whatever he needs to do to get someone over.

Paul RomaPaul Roma has slammed Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan

He couldn’t with Luger because he just didn’t have any charisma, but he didn’t create us and we were over. I asked Vince [McMahon] why don’t we get Power & Glory t-shirts? He said that heel stuff doesn’t sell, and I said, okay, what if I bankroll it and whatever Ray and I sell we keep? He said, ‘well, let me think about it.’ That was the end of that. We had a good run, not great, but it was a lot of fun.

On Lex Luger Not Getting Over in WWE: I never spoke to anyone after that, as far as what was going on and why this wasn’t working. He just didn’t have ‘it.’ You [Austin] had it, but he just didn’t have it. Vince can put $1,000 behind you, and he can get you over.

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You’re likable, you have a likable personality—it doesn’t matter. If they’re going to love you or hate you. Luger didn’t have that. He was just that guy. He wasn’t a good looking guy, he was a big man, decent body, but he had no charm. No matter how much money Vince put behind him it just didn’t matter.

Power without Glory

Power without Glory