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Wrestling Observer Newsletter has just reported the latest injury update of popular WWE Superstar King Barrett who has been down following a neck injury he sustained a while ago.

Barrett is a member of the League of Nations and he has been rated time after time as one of the strongest members of the group. As a matter of fact, when his injury first came on air, it was reported by several sources that the group would suffer some setbacks and they are likely not going to be coming out with all that might and grit that you see in their faces when King Barrett is with them.
So it was a great relieve when it was rumored earlier that Barrett’s injury is seemingly not serious owing to the fact that he was seen playing different roles on WWE TV where he features alongside teammates, with no neck brace on.

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Contrary to that impression, Wrestling Observer Newsletter has just reported that Barrett’s neck injury is pretty severe but the news outlet failed to give details on the severity of the injury and the time it would take Barrett before he returns.

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Barrett was last seen in action on December 7th and 8th where he did the 16-man elimination match in WWE RAW and the 16-man match at the Tribute to The Troops tapings. Since then, he has been struggling to get back to the ring again, although he is usually seen backstage doing a thing or two for the company.

We shall keep you posted on his injury status….