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WWE Superstar just wedded at Christ Temple in Glendale, Arizona…

It has just been reported that there was a church wedding this past week at Christ Temple in Glendale, Arizona between former WWE performer Richard Young a.k.a Ricky Ortiz and Layla El.

The former WWE performer, Ricky Ortiz and Layla El began their lovely and enviable relationship in 2014 but formally got engaged in July this year. And amidst all odds and challenges, the couple just did their church wedding as detailed above.

Ortiz actually retired from professional wrestling shortly after their engagement. Thereafter El retired too after nine years in the WWE business.

The newly wedded couple who began dating a year ago actually worked together for a short period of time on the SmackDown brand in 2009. That brand was among other things noted for the in-ring skit which gave room for El to appear on Young’s short-lived show.

Ricky Ortiz has been with WWE and its developmental promotions since 2006 through August 2009, after his contract expired. It’s also worthy to note that Young was formerly working for XFL, the Canadian Football League, the Arena Football League and the National Football League.

See Photo of the former WWE Diva in her wedding dress below:

Layla El weds WWE performer Richard Young a.k.a Ricky Ortiz