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The former WWE world heavyweight champion CM Punk joined UFC and has been privileged to go in for few UFC fights against top athletes in UFC.

Recently, CM Punk lost a match and it seems that the former longest reign champion of WWE is losing interest in UFC and may be on his way out of the company in a short while. UFC’s president Dana White says CM Punk may not get a fight now he says in reply of a question on FOX Sports 1 that CM Punk probably not having a fight in UFC. He added that Punk is a good guy and he respect him and he’s also wanted to fight and trained for two year to get the spotlight.

Well, if CM Punk leaves UFC, there is every tendency of him possibly returning to WWE to start up from where he stopped his career. While a WWE return is still under consideration, we can say that CM Punk is completely done with WWE and that he has no unfinished business with WWE. So, it means that CM Punk will never return to WWE again, not in this life.

Anyway, we wish CM Punk a successful career. If finally he returns to UFC and I believe he will surely make it back for another match once it is due for him.