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WWE stars Becky Lynch Seth Rollins

WWE stars Becky Lynch Seth Rollins confirmed they are dating

Becky Lynch is the former SmackDown Women’s Champion but she’s also got a lot going on in her personal life as well.

WWE’S double women’s champion Becky Lynch have confirmed several times that she is dating Seth Rollins and that’s as far as they have gone together.

Becky Lynch, real name Rebecca Quin and Seth Rollins are an item but so many things are being said now about their future together owing that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins have good records of easily calling relationship quit; at least, in the last two years, each of them have broken up with at least two several lovers.

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Becky Lynch isn’t dating UFC fighter, Luke Sanders, any more and as we previously reported she has a new boyfriend in television personality Jeff Dye until Seth Rollins came into her life.

Let’s look at it this way: UFC fighter, Luke Sanders was Becky Lynch first public boyfriend, at least that’s the much we know.

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Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders dated for a pretty while and wow; she dumped him and picked up an Actor, Jeff Dye; who cruised her about for no one knows how long before WWE Champion, Seth Rollins came on board.

Lynch and Dye were really doing very well as you can see by this photo snapped of them while they were out in public recently. They are very close in this photo and apparently, Dye’s hands were cold because they found themselves down the back of Lynch’s pants.

Becky Lynch and television personality Jeff Dye

Jeff Dye sneaks his hands into Becky Lynch’s pants

Jeff Dye sneaks his hands into Becky Lynch’s pants

Yes, it seems Lynch has found the partner who will make her smile, in fact, laugh often with his jokes but even though Jeff Dye is said to be a stand up comedian, prankster, host, and actor, they have also split and went their separate ways.

Now the WWE Universe is wondering just what’s the real truth with Becky Lynch dating life. But we don’t need to worry much, with the latest photos of Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins rolling across the internet; it’s obvious, Becky Lynch has dumped Jeff Dye and now with Seth Rollins.

Becky Lynch and television personality Jeff Dye

Becky Lynch started removing pictures of her and Sanders in Instagram after she began dating Jeff Dye

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Let’s roll a few sensual photos of Becky Lynch dating Jeff Dye:

Becky Lynch Dating again

Becky Lynch Dating again Jeff Dye

Becky Lynch and Jeff Dye were happy with each other’s company.

Becky Lynch Dating

They look happy with each other’s company. And we will be happier to know a confirmed dating and love relationship status of Becky Lynch and Dye.

Becky Lynch and Jeff Dye seem to be serious about each other.

And not to forget Lynch is matured enough to decide who she wants to share her life with. We wish her all the best as she has repeatedly confirmed she’s dating Seth Rollins and we hope they get married and not end up in games.