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WWE Retribution members

If you watched this week’s episode of WWE NXT, then you saw one of the members of Retribution wrestling on the show.


Now we know a member of the WWE’s Retribution faction despite the fact that they are dressed in black from head to toe, and they all wear hoodies and masks.

Retribution Faction MEMBERS REVEALED

Dave Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Jessi Kamea, who wrestled in a losing effort to Dakota Kai, was indeed one of the members of Retribution last week on Friday Night SmackDown.

Kamea (real name Jessie Elaban), who has been in WWE’s developmental system since 2017, was used as an enhancement talent this week.

WWE Retribution Stable After WWE SmackDown

Over the weekend, we noted that Kamea was one of the people attacked when Retribution debuted on SmackDown a couple of weeks ago but she was one of the Retribution members on last Friday’s SmackDown.

This backs up the rumors that many of the Retributions are just fill-ins until they reveal the true members of the group. This could also be the start of a push for her.

It is not clear if Vince McMahon has storyline plans mapped out for the long-term for this group or if they are just letting things play out week to week.

WWE Reveals RETRIBUTION members

Click here to see a photos of female Retribution members without the mask along with a photo of her with the mask from last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Note: the link spoils the news on another female wrestler who was part of Retribution last week. SEE Full identities WWE  RETRIBUTION members