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Jimmy Uso and Naomi WWE Stars ending marriage again

END OF MARRIAGE is already ringing for WWE wrestlers Jimmy Uso and Wife Naomi as reports say the couple are are NOT seeing eye-to-eye any longer. Is Jimmy Uso still married?

END OF MARRIAGE: WWE Wrestlers Jimmy Uso & Wife Naomi Are NOT Seeing Eye-To-Eye

Jimmy Uso whose recent actions and behavior is still a major concern on his marriage especially as it affects his dear wife and WWE Star Naomi, Trinity Fatu.

Jimmy Uso’s recent arrest was a big deal considering the details. It brought a lot of negative attention on them and they already weren’t booked for the SummerSlam card as a result of Jimmy’s DUI arrest.

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Why Was Jimmy Uso Arrested?

Jimmy Uso was recently arrested for DUI and speeding. Here is how it all happened according to a local ABC affiliate. He was dispatched because there was a DUI complaint. An off-duty officer reported that a vehicle was travelling in excess of 100 mph and was drifting.

Uso’s vehicle left Pine Forest Road and was headed northbound, as reported by the off-duty officer.

After the recent arrest of Jimmy – real name Jonathan Fatu – WWE released its generic “performer X is responsible for their own actions” public statement.

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The Effect Of Jimmy Uso’s Arrest On His Marriage: WWE Star Naomi & Jimmy Uso Ending Their Marriage

WWE Women’s Star Naomi recently shared a special moment with her husband Jimmy Uso following their marriage and love life and the successful WWE career they have maintained so far.


Naomi however admitted that she and Jimmy are somewhat having some marital challenges. While that part of their life is growing in substance, Naomi confessed that divorce is her fear; she doesn’t want to or bear her husband divorced her.


You may need to consider this recent video clip that Naomi shared claiming that her and  her husband Jimmy Uso aren’t seeing eye to eye despite the fact that they’ve been married since 2014 and they are both working in the same company.


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Is Jimmy Uso still married?

According to Brad Shepard who spoke on the effect of Jimmy Uso’s arrest on his marriage, those in WWE are concerned about Jimmy Uso’s recent actions. This could also reportedly mean that he is risking losing it all, including his marriage to Naomi real name Trinity Fatu.

I’m told there’s a concern that Jimmy Uso’s behavior could cost him to lose everything, including his marriage to WWE Superstar Naomi.

And we hope Jimmy and Naomi resolve their differences and move on. But recently Naomi claims that she and her husband Jimmy Uso aren’t seeing eye to eye despite the fact that they’ve been married since 2014.