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WWE Superstar Paige has been silent following news of her leaked nude photos and videos, though she made a slight response on Twitter concerning this situation. However, many still expect her to say something more for the benefit of her fans.

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Paige fell victim to hackers who made their way into her privacy, uploading nude pictures and video of her private life. This scandal has placed a threat on her future with the WWE as many think the company may release her of her service, knowing full well the company stands against such acts.

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The scandal of online hacking and spreading of celebrity nude videos and photos as been on the trend in the entertainment industry, following a leaked video of Hollywood stars Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson days before Paige incident was reported.

Paige as been out the ring for a long time following a three month banned on October over violation of the company wellness policy and neck surgery, which has limited her TV presence and attention to the fans. The only public activity keeping her on was her relationship with Alberto Del Rio and a movie The Rock is making on her family. So this coming now is a huge blow to her career.

In case you didn’t see the nude photos; here are overview:

One video features Paige performing a solo act with a sex toy, another engaging in oral sex, while there are at least three other videos in which she is seen having sex with men. One of the videos show Paige with two male wrestlers.

Other images show her flashing and posing in selfies taken in the bathroom. One explicit shot appears to show a sex act having been performed on the NXT Champion belt.

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Obviously the former WWE Divas Champion will be facing intense embarrassment following this development and will need more support rather than critics from the WWE Universe in order to make her career.

However, for now, no one for now knows what the company his planning concerning her future even though she was hacked. The company will decide if they can manage her with the scandal by allowing it to fade away or just release her of her service.

Below are tweets from Paige, her mother and sister;