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Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez (f.k.a Ariel) recently claimed on Twitter that some WWE Divas sleep with Vince McMahon in return for a push. During a recent edition of Vince Russo’s “The Brand” podcast, Russo said he believes what Shelly said about McMahon because she’s his girl.


There are a lot of rumors as to what goes on behind the scenes in WWE, but it’s hard to know what is the truth or what is just something being said by someone no longer with the company. One former WWE Diva and ECW star decided to take to Twitter on Thursday morning to drop something that has been thrown around before, but this kind of came out of nowhere. However, it’s unknown if women’s wrestlers actually sleep with Vince McMahon for their spot.

Ex WWE star Shelly Martinez

Shelly Martinez was only a part of WWE for a short period of time, as she started in Ohio Valley Wrestling, their developmental territory, in 2005. After a year there, she moved up to SmackDown and eventually joined ECW as Ariel, who was partnered with Kevin Thorn.

After parting ways with WWE, she appeared in TNA Impact Wrestling for a while and worked the independent scene as well. As reported by Sportskeeda, she retired from wrestling earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped her from sharing things on social media.

Considering she is finished with wrestling and doesn’t really have the best feelings toward WWE, it doesn’t seem to matter what she says about Vince McMahon.

Shelly Martinez

Martinez has had choice words about WWE before — more so about Batista — but what she posted on Thursday is a sure sign that she isn’t looking to return to the company.

At that point, Twitter users began asking numerous questions regarding who she might be referring to with her tweet.

It broke my spirit seeing certain situations happen there BUT lessons were learned & I realized that world isn’t for me after all

Shelly Martinez talks Vince Mcmahon sleeps with stars

Martinez never once mentioned anyone’s name and would not say who she was speaking about, but she confirmed it wasn’t her by saying she “NEVER hooked up w Vince.” She went on to say that adults are free to do what they wish, but cheating bothers her.

When Shelly Martinez and WWE parted ways, it didn’t seem as if it was just a simple matter of a contract not being renewed. As reported by Wrestling News Source, she claims it was Batista who got her fired from the company since he said something uncalled for in the backstage area and she fired back at him.

Martinez claimed it was a “man’s business” and that “he was Batista, and they wanted to accommodate him.”

For years, there has been speculation as to what may or may not happen backstage in the world of professional wrestling.

Becky Lynch and Vince McMahon

In this instance, Shelly Martinez is claiming that superstars in the WWE women’s division are sleeping with Vince McMahon for their spot, but what truth is there to it? That is something that may never be known, but there had to be something that recently happened for the former ECW star to tweet about it now.