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Former WWE SmackDown Live Women Champion Has Been Suspended For Violating The Company’s Wellness Policy

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Few weeks ago, Eva Marie was ending up with WWE. Most of the fans are not surprised to see her leave the company, are you? She was suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy when she was expected to receive major push to the top of the women’s division.

Recently, SmackDown live revealed the women’s money in the bank briefcase. A lot of fans were surprised to see Lana returning to WWE television with her dancing gimmick. The WWE Universe loves Lana; it’s a matter of time before she has established spot on the blue brand.

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There is a report that Lana will be getting the push that was originally meant for Eva Marie. There’s going to be some differences for Lana. She will have a women’s Title match with Naomi but Lana need a lot of creative plans to be reworked on because fans gave her unique reaction on SmackDown.

However, the WWE Universe also gave a surprising babyface reaction to her, which means she will mostly booked as a face instead heading to WWE Money In The Bank.

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She received a strong reaction and was given a SmackDown women’s Title match at WWE Money In The Bank. This is a very big push for her but the bigger issue for WWE fans is if she could put The Ravishing Russian in bad situation.

Despite the fact that Lana adds another strong personality to the division, the WWE officials are throwing her right into the middle of the fire. The Women’s title match puts a lot of pressure on Lana to perform immediately at the highest level. What would be her fate after the WWE Money In The Bank? Would she impress the WWE universe or drop down as a bunch of disappointment? Time will tell, let’s see how it goes but I have of the opinion she would live up to the expectations of fans. Ho! Ho!