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WWE Women’s Champion will will miss Money in the Bank as she would be out for an unspecified amount of time due to suffering a ruptured breast implant.

WWE superstar Charlotte Flair would have to be missed by her fans a great deal as she is going to be out for a while in order to fix her ruptured breast implants.

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Pop Culture has reported that the five-time women’s champion suffered an injury and will be out for an indefinite period of time in order to get medical attentions.

Word is that Charlotte Flair is likely to have sustained the injury during her match against Carmella at Backlash or on Smackdown Live. Hence, she is reported to have surgery to repair her implant and be back to the ring again.

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While the rupture in one of her breast implants is said not to be serious, she would need to be out for a time. When Charlotte Flair undergoes her surgery, she will miss an indefinite amount of time. Charlotte Flair’s in-ring absence will be felt immediately, but it will open up an opportunity for another member of the women’s division to step in and shine.

While Charlotte Flair has not been ruled out of the forthcoming pay-per-view show, the possibility of her participation is highly in doubt and uncertain. Everyone knows that Charlotte Flair is a must-see talent, but if the WWE has to put on the card without her, there are several suitable replacements.

And while there are debates as to what happens to Charlotte Flair’s future with regards to the forthcoming pay-per-view, word is that the WWE Women’s Champion does not necessarily have to compete on the Money in the Bank card in order to be considered as a title contender. Charlotte Flair lost the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Carmella less than a month ago. She is very much in the title picture.

Surgery to repair a ruptured breast implant is usually not complex; it could have been worse which could have forced her to be out for a longer period of time. Yes, Charlotte Flair missing out of the squared ring is usually unfavorable to the WWE, but this once again presents an opportunity for someone else to rise to the occasion. Let’s see who takes her place…