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Sting WWE

There’s no doubt Sting is one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever step in between the ropes. The WWE Hall Of Famer began his WCW tenure back in 1987 with Jim Crockett Promotions. He was a staple in the company’s history, winning several World Titles under their banner.


Sting is a former NWA World Champion, a six-time WCW World Champion, and a two-time WCW United States Champion – to name only a few. Of course, WWE eventually bought out WCW and signed a few of their stars in the process. Sting, however, was not one of those stars.

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Sting didn’t go right to WWE after WCW folded. In fact, he spent another decade working for WWE’s competition at TNA. But this didn’t happen without Vince McMahon apparently trying his best to stop it from going down.

The WWE Hall Of Famer, Sting appeared on Apter Chat recently where he discussed a conversation he had with Vince McMahon when The Chairman Of The Board was trying to convince The Stinger not to sign with another competitive company.

Vince McMahon and Sting

Why Vince McMahon & Triple H instructed WWE officials to Bury Sting’s career

“I’ll never forget that conversation I had with Vince. He’s on the phone with me and he says: ‘You know Sting, I find this hard to believe. The legacy that you leave behind and the thought of you going to TNA… it just bleh!”

“So you fast forward to you know coming back to do WrestleMania I had set out a text to Vince McMahon and Triple H that just said, ‘have you guys turned the page on Sting yet?’ And I honestly did know? Did they turn the page? Are they done? Or would they consider a run up there?”

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Sting would leave TNA in 2014 after over a decade with the company. That same year he’d make his WWE TV debut and begin the build to his WrestleMania match with Triple H. He was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2016.

Sting and Ultimate Warrior