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This thing is just still in their mind after all…

Over the weekend, a tweet from SmackDown Live creative head Brian James in which he further hinted at a match between Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth had the wrestling world … atwitter.

Since then, the pair have been hogging up Twitter feeds across the land with incessant banter and retweets.

Perhaps this bout is exactly what Lynch needs after having been betrayed by so many former friends. It could be a self-realization of sorts—her own Dubliners moment.

Is this, like, actually happening? At this rate, after all the teases, it’ll be hard for fans to keep their chins up if all this comes to naught. An even greater fear is what a possible “L” could do to Becky’s self-worth—surely she can only take so much before her jig of being a loveable, relatable babyface is up.

Will Ellsworth back up his dismissive tweets? Will Lynch ominously warn Ellsworth—as she once did Alexa Bliss on Talking Smack—that she will “see you next Tuesday”? A Twitter user mocked up the above graphic advertising a steel cage match between Lynch and Ellsworth, and The Lasskicker responded in favor:

Find out tomorrow night on SmackDown Live, and stay glued to Cageside Seats for any more breaking developments in this ongoing news story.