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The internet recently went bananas when popular female divas champion champion and WWE John Cena’s girl friend angrily expressed her disappointment over what she termed as unlawful falsehood story recently published on Facebook.

She has been off the ring alongside her heartthrob John Cena after they got themselves engaged at the Wrestlemana 33 show. There have been series of speculations and side talks on why Nikki Bella has been on hiatus which wasn’t made public.
While some believed she’s out of the ring in preparation for her wedding, some are of the opinions that she’s battling with weight related issues as the popular Nichole has only been managing herself with her body weight which was not that favorable.

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A post which was recently published on Facebook sparks the air and goes viral on the internet when it says Nikki Bella has been living on drugs to maintain a slim body shape. The controversial post talks to the extreme by saying fearless Nikki inherited her problematic weight issues blasting her for endorsing such a weight loss program.

The posts reads thus;
“It’s no secret Nikki Bella, two-time Divas Champion is well known to WWE. While it is true that she has been a professional athlete most of her life, her fight with genetically inherited weight issues has always been a battle. Recently on Twitter she revealed her little secret for weight maintenance and the biggest part of her body confidence. WWE lashed out at her for her endorsing such a product. The backlash was difficult for her to manage and now so could be let go from WWE.”

The article also allegedly quoted Nikki as saying that WWE can “sue (her) for trying to make a difference” by using such a product and being willing to tell people how that product has worked for her.

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Nikki Bella has come out to strongly refute the controversial post saying its only being sponsored on Facebook by some hoodlums lashing out on Facebook for allowing such in-genuine article to be publicized.

She wrote on her tweeter handle: