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WWE Star Charlotte Flair is being sued by her ex-husband who claims she defamed him in her new book by falsely claiming he shoots blanks.

It’s all in new legal docs filed by Riki Paul Johnson and obtained by TMZ Sports … in which he goes after Charlotte, her father Ric Flair and the WWE, demanding more than $5 MILLION in damages. Riki’s beef is with the book ‘Second Nature’ — which Ric and Charlotte wrote together and released in Sept. 2017.

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In his suit, Riki claims the Flairs wrote negatively about his relationship with Charlotte — and falsely stated that he is sterile and incapable of fathering children. Riki says the allegations in the book have humiliated his family — including his 3 children — because they’re now the subject of ridicule and shame by people who believe the Flairs.

Riki also claims the book contains “multiple false allegations physical and/or psychological abuse” — which he believes he can prove based on police reports and dash cam footage.

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He also claims the Flairs wrongly claimed he was fired from 2 jobs due to illicit drug use. In his suit, Riki claims he was intentionally painted as a villain in order to make Charlotte seem like a “victim who overcame personal adversity and domestic abuse.”

He also claims WWE was involved in the marketing of the book — so, they should be held liable as well. We’ve reached out to the Flairs and WWE for comment — and the WWE tells TMZ Sports, “We recently received what appears to be a meritless lawsuit and we will vigorously defend ourselves.”

At the far end of the line, We cannot take away from Charlotte Flair, she’s a one of the best WWE Women currently onboard; one with strong personality and figure. Yes, in the ring, she can be called a heroine hence she recently spoke about become as great as WWE legend The Rock.

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However, her life outside the WWE television hasn’t been all sweet and rosy; she seems to be following the same part of her father, Ric Flair who has married and divorced over four women.

Flair was the husband to Leslie Goodman from 1971 to 1983, Elizabeth Flair from 1983 to 2006, and Tiffany VanDemark from 2006 to 2009, before he eventually married Jacqueline in 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina and their relationship lasted for just three years before they divorced on September 3, 2012. And now he’s currently married to Wendy Barlow, the two got married — It will be Ric Flair’s fifth marriage, following his last divorce in 2012.

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On the other hand, Charlotte Flair had a relationship with Riki Johnson, whom she later married but divorced within two years. Yes, she married Riki Johnson in May 2010 and they went their separate ways in 2012.

Life went on as it will always and in 2013, Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr was married a second time to Thomas Latimer, a fellow wrestler better known by his ring name Bram. Their divorce was finalized on October 29, 2015, in the state of Florida.

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Before this, Charlotte Flair was arrested on September 5, 2008 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for assaulting a police officer after a fight involving Fliehr, her then-boyfriend, and her father. Her father, Flair refused to press charges against his daughter in the end but she still had to face the charges for resisting arrest.

She pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced to 45 days in jail, which was suspended to supervised probation and a $200 fine — Her initial sentence of 45 days in jail was eventually reduced to probation and a fine and Charlotte thankfully avoided jail time.