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Jim Ross AEW

AEW recently saw a huge brawl break out towards the end of Dynamite, one of its weekly scheduled shows. The melee was between Chris Jericho and Mike Tyson, with both their groups backing them up amid the pandemonium. Tyson had entered the ring with a host of famous MMA fighters. These fighters included Henry Cejudo, Rashad Evans, and Vitor Belfort.


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently spoke about how the entire scene was handled badly, and how there was a communication breakdown.

Jim Ross

Ross stated, on his podcast, that there was a huge communication gap between the management and the announcers. Ross had no idea that Tyson would be accompanied by his entourage of warriors. He stated that he felt bad about not addressing their presence on the show.

“We mentioned Henry Cejudo and of course Mike, but the other fellows that were there, Rashad Evans, was not mentioned because we didn’t know he was part of the entourage. Vitor Belfort, same deal. They were in a masked group and they were camouflaged,” Jim said.

Jim Ross

Jim Ross didn’t know who would be in the Mike Tyson entourage
Ross was dissatisfied because he felt like the fighters weren’t at all acknowledged. Famous superstars in their own sport, the UFC fighters’ presence wasn’t even recognized when they came out onto the ring.

“The intent was to get everybody over, but nobody told me, Excalibur or Tony (Schiavone) who was in the entourage. So, consequently, we didn’t know who was there.

Jim Ross AEW

“It was all about Tyson. I saw Henry Cejudo earlier today. Didn’t even see Rashad Evans earlier today. I didn’t see Vitor Belfort earlier today. Nobody told us they were there. Then I asked after the fact,” said Ross.

The Hall of Famer expressed his regret at how he handled the situation, and that he would have done it differently if he was informed about who was coming.

Jim Ross and Vince Mcmahon

“I was pissed, to be honest with you. We should have done a better job with that, all of us, and that was a breakdown in communication. It was growing pains, so it’s not the end of the world, but I felt bad for those guys because if they watch it back, they weren’t even mentioned. None of them stood out in that respect. I felt bad about that,” explains Ross.