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Roman Reigns

One WWE Superstar whom fans miss watching on live television would be Roman Reigns. The Big Dog has been absent from the company for a while now. Reigns chose to take time off for his family amidst all the crises.


Now the Superstar, in an interview with Metroplus talked about having to balance fatherhood and keeping up his fitness routine.

Reigns was set to face Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 for the Universal Championship. He dropped off the match and was replaced by Braun Strowman, who became the new Champion.

The reason behind Roman Reigns absence

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Roman Reigns chose not to perform during the pandemic for his family as he recently became the father of twins. He had also earlier addressed his fans saying he is not taking time off because of any health concern.

When asked about how he is managing as a father of twins, Reigns admits it’s a hard job. WWE did not mind Reigns’ choice. He also adds that the company did everything they can to make the workplace safe, but that wasn’t his concern. He wanted to stay close to his family during this time.

He then added that he is not convinced that every WWE Superstar takes the required precautions to be safe. He does not want to risk things that are related to his family.

Roman Reigns vs Goldberg

Roman Reigns on his return

Reigns was asked if he is willing to come back and perform even with zero audiences. His reply represents what all WWE Superstands stand for; entertainment and dedication.

Reigns said,” I’m ready to smash people if you know what I mean. I’ve been training my butt off during this pandemic”

Reigns does acknowledge that performing in an empty arena is tough and applauds all Superstars currently doing it. It will be hard for someone such as Reigns to compete without pops and cheers, but if it comes down to it, Reigns would not back down.

Roman Reigns WWE

“I am gonna get in there and compete at the highest level… hopefully for a title. More specifically, the Universal Championship. If not, I will be there to prove that I’m not just the top of the mountain, but I am the mountain.

“I am WWE’s biggest star, regardless of if I am on the show or not… so I have everything to prove and everything to lose as well,” Reigns added.

When Reigns returns, he might enter a feud with the Universal Champion. Giving him a shot at the title would be a fine way to bring him back to the company. Till then, we wish Reigns and his family loads of happiness.