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‘I’m changing my mind’: John Cena and fiancée Nikki Bella have been battling lately on kids in their marriage and word was that they wanted to part ways for each to go his/her separate way.

Yes, there was that tension looming in the air; everyone was on tiptoe, anticipating and trying to catch his or her breathe on the possibility of the couple splitting.

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But now after all the tussles, ‘I’m changing my tune’: John Cena candidly confesses he’s ‘open’ to having kids with fiancée Nikki Bella after previously declaring he’d NEVER want children

John Cena was previously adamant he never wanted to have children.

But while speaking to the Kyle & Jackie O Show, John Cena appears to have backtracked.

The 40-year-old confessed that playing a father in his latest film Blockers paved the way for a conversation about the idea with his fiancée Nikki Bella, with John claiming he’s now ‘open’ to it.

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After shock jock Kyle Sandilands pressed John on his previously strong anti-children views, the Hollywood star explained: ‘Well, that statement is not from her, it’s from me and it’s just me being a stubborn idiot.’

‘Believe it or not, over the course of filming and promoting this film, the topic has come up so much,’ John added.

‘I didn’t want to address it or talk about it but now we’ve had some lengthy – and honestly quite difficult – conversations about it but I’m changing my tune.’

‘Before it was like “Never, not a chance,”‘ John explained he was previously very against children but now is ‘very open to certainly explore the process’

Sounding shocked, Kyle further questioned: ‘You’re going to give her a baby?’

The pro-wrestler clarified that while they haven’t officially started trying to start their own brood, the possibility could be on the cards one day.

‘I am very open to certainly explore the process, whereas before it was like “Never, not a chance,”‘ he said.

Kyle admitted he thought John would never sway from his ‘no kids’ promise, and prodded: ‘Now you’ve softened and you want to be a papa?’

John enthusiastically responded: ‘Yes sir! and that right there is the power of love, my friend.’

‘That right there is the power of love!’ John said after portraying a father in Blockers, he was forced to have the family conversation with Nikki

John popped the question to fellow wrestling star Nikki Bella in front of a packed audience of fans last year.

But asked when asked whether the pitter-patter of little feet might be in her future Nikki dished to TMZ in April 2017: ‘Ive been getting that question a lot, let me tell you. No, there won’t be.’

She continued: ‘John doesn’t want kids, so we’re not gonna have kids.’