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Former WWE United States Champion was arrested for involving in a brawl in at a nightclub.

According to the Huffington Post, the former United States Champion and WWE Superstar and his brother, El Hijo del Dos Caras, reportedly left an indy event in Leoben, Austria, and ended up involved in a brawl in an Austrian nightclub the same night.

Alberto Del Rio, real name José Alberto Rodríguez was arrested after he got into a fight with an unidentified person at a nightclub a European wrestling match couple of days ago.

The person in question was reportedly hospitalized while Rodriguez and his brother, Guillermo Rodriguez, were taken to jail. Our sources also reported that the brotherly brawl left blood on the walls and destroyed furniture in its wake.

According to the Austrian website KRONE, report claims authorities had to use ankle cuffs as handcuffs because the brothers easily busted through the wire ties originally placed on them. The site also reported the two brothers got into an altercation at the jail that took 10 officers to break up.

Del Rio was of course released from jail as he was in Tampa earlier today with his fiance Paige, but he was reportedly booted out of the country 24 hours earlier than planned.