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Kurt Angle and Wife Giovanna

Kurt Angle thanked a young man through Instagram for saving his son’s life. A young man named Jake Schmidt saved Angle’s son. This life-threatening event took place at Lake Erie, USA. It is the eleventh largest lake in the world and is placed on the border between the USA and Canada.


WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend Kurt Angle recently took to Instagram to thank a man named Jake Schmidt for saving his son Joseph from drowning. Angle won the gold medal for the United States of America in the 1996 Summer Olympics. He is also a WWE Hall of Famer, class of 2017.

Kurt Angle and wife and family

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently took to Instagram where he thanked a man named Jake Schmidt for saving his son Joseph from drowning.

The pro-wrestling legend also posted a picture where he can be seen standing next to the hero who saved his son’s life. While thanking Jake Schmidt, Kurt Angle admitted that he can’t swim. “Thank you Jake Schmidt for saving my son Joseph’s life today at the beach. You’re a hero man… because my a** can’t swim,” wrote the 51-year-old.

Kurt Angle adopted Joseph from Bulgaria last October and posted a celebratory shot alongside his wife Giovanna. “After 15 long months of paperwork, phone calls and visits, we are finally bringing our adopted son home from Bulgaria. #welcomehomejoseph,” wrote the WWE legend. Apart from Joseph, Kurt Angle has five more kids, four daughters and one son.

Kurt Angel With Family Wife, Daughter, Sister And Brother

Kurt Angel With Family Wife, Daughter, Sister And Brother

Kurt Angle is no more in the WWE. He wrestled his last match against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 and lost.

The wrestling machine is living a happy life away from the ring. He is a happy husband and proud father to four children (one adopted). Apart from a prolific wrestling career, Angle has his own business called physically fit nutrition.

The business is currently picking up and keeps him engrossed all day and hence, The Olympic gold medalist has no plans of returning.

Joesph Angle is the child that was saved by the hero Jake Schmidt. Joseph was adopted by Kurt and Giovanna in Bulgaria in June 2019.

Kurt Angle posts a picture with the hero that saved his son’s life

Kurt Angle thanks Hero that saved his son life

In a recent post on Instagram, Kurt Angle thanked the hero Jake Schmidt for saving his son’s life. If not for Jake Schmidt, Joesph would be no more as Angle admits he doesn’t know to swim.

The incident brought back chilling memories of the Shad Gaspard incident. Gaspard’s body was found at Venice Beach. Gaspard and his son went swimming when the latter got caught in a rip.

The former WWE superstar made sure his son was safe before he left us. The beaches are one of the best places to enjoy with family and friends. Swimming is one of the best things for the human body as well.

Kurt Angle, wife and son

Mother Nature and its resources are around for humans to use. However, Nature is not Man’s friend all the time and hence one should be careful especially when they’re with young children.

The good thing is that Kurt Angle and his son are now both safe.