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We never saw it coming; everyone thought all was fine when Jeff Jarrett and his company Global Force Wrestling merged with TNA Impact Wrestling under the Anthem Sports umbrella.

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Absolutely we knew the two companies were struggling but we didn’t know things will turn out this way after the merging. We expected things such as storylines and interest in the GFW Impact Wrestling product to improve but alas.

So it was a big surprise when Jason Pollock of The Fight Network broke the news on Twitter that Jeff Jarrett is “taking an indefinite leave of absence” from GFW Impact Wrestling. Jarrett serves as the company’s chief creative officer and has small on-air roles in backstage scenes on TV.

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Jeff Jarrett also reorganized the creative team, bringing in old friends in Dutch Mantel (Zeb Colter from the WWE) and Scott D’Amore recently adding Jim Cornette to an on-air role as well. With Eli Drake as the new GFW Impact Wrestling world champion and a working relationship with AAA in Mexico, it looked like the company was finally taking the necessary steps needed to move on from the Dixie Carter regime.

That makes this “indefinite leave of absence” concerning. The reasons for the leave of absence are for Jeff Jarrett to “focus on personal matters.”
GFW Impact Wrestling confirmed the news on their own company’s website and also indicated that Jeff Jarrett would remain available as a consultant as needed. It seems that, at this significant time for GFW Impact Wrestling, Jarrett taking time off has to be for a very important reason.

There is no word on whether this is health-related, family-related, or if there is an emergency that Jeff Jarrett has to deal with. Prior to the report on Jeff’s leave of absence, word circulating the internet spell it out that Jeff and Alberto El Patron would wrestle at Bound for Glory in November, but that is up in the air now.

While this could mean that something bad has happened in the personal life of Jeff Jarrett, not everyone seems worried about the founder of Impact Wrestling.

However, Reby Sky, the wife of Matt Hardy, saw this development as laughable and she accused that Jarrett made efforts to hurt her beloved family in the past one year.