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UFC Star Paige VanZant has eventually revealed her interest of joining the WWE with intention to do a a match against her UFC rival Ronda Rousey.

Paige VanZant MEGA UFC Star

This interest has sparked quite a huge reaction from the WWE Universe as everyone is begging to savour what a match it would turn out to be.

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We’ve known for a while now that Ronda Rousey is likely WWE bound, but could another mega UFC star be following her?

Paige VanZant has been linked to WWE numeorus times in the past. The UFC star was once again asked if she would be interested in trying her hand in professional wrestling, and VanZant said she “definitely” would be.

In a discussion with TMZ Sports, VanZant was quoted as saying, “Yes. That is definitely something that I’m interested in. I love the WWE. I think that I would for sure be a good WWE Diva. We’ll see if that opportunity comes. I would definitely go for it, if they come knocking on my door, I’m taking it. I love WWE, I would love it. I have the personality for it. Yeah, when the time is right.”

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VanZant has become a bit of a pop cultural phenomenon. Though known for her MMA endeavors first and foremost, she has also appeared on Dancing With The Stars and Chopped. She made her UFC debut in November of 2014 and holds an MMA record of 7 wins and 4 losses. Her most recent fight came on Sunday night at UFC Fight Night where she was defeated by Jessica Rose-Clark.

Given VanZant’s previous interest in WWE, alongside former UFC star Rousey’s potential move there, Paige was asked if she’d considering facing her former UFC alum inside a WWE ring.

“That would be interesting,” VanZant replied. “I think they might have to allow some really real shots fired. Ya know, because why not?”

VanZant and Rousey previously were reported to have had some sort of confrontation during a UFC fight week in 2016.

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While the WWE women’s division as is does not seem to be in need of any talent, the presence of either Rousey or VanZant would do nothing but boost the mainstream appeal of WWE. Anytime pro wrestling gets exposure to the masses, it’s a good thing for the product.

Will this go down anytime soon? It’s hard to say. It seems to be a pretty good bet that you will be seeing Rousey in a WWE ring within the coming months. VanZant’s arrival would seem to be a little further off, though her loss on Sunday night may have increased the odds that Paige would move on to WWE sooner rather than later.