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WWE has fired another major Superstar from the company and he has revealed huge why Vince McMahon fired him and how he survived after his WWE release.

The former Darren Young, Fred Rosser, discussed what he’s been up to since his WWE and more during an appearance on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1, 2, 360. Highlights and the video are below:

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Darren Young Says Bret Hart Helped Him After WWE Release, Recalls Coming Out

On Jack Swagger making his MMA debut next year: “I’ve been in the ring with him several times, he’s a horse and I say it all the time, he’s a horse. When you get hit by him you get rocked, not in a bad way but you get rocked. He’s got a long reach, his reach is long and I told him that to his face, I said I can’t wait to see you fight because you’re reach is so freaking long.”

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On what he’s been up do since his release: “Well this past year it’s been a little bit over a year since I’ve been released. I’ve been doing a lot more speaking engagements and a little bit of wrestling. Bret [Hart] was a big help, kinda helping me get with a reputable promoters to work with so it was a very limited schedule…I am 35 [and] I still have a lot left in the tank, but if I can be more of an ambassador with the company with their Be A Star campaign, I am okay with that because I want to be able to contribute because they are still my family. I was able to go backstage recently, hang out with some of the guys.”

On coming out: “My mom came out first, I was fearful as a kid.I didn’t come out to her until I was 28 because back in the 80s science wasn’t as strong as it is now that a same sex couple could have kids and no one wants to let their mom down. She was so supportive.”