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Finally Sasha Banks has finally dropped note on her WWE departure owing to frustrations and dissatisfaction from under using her talents.

Sasha Banks is a great pro wrestler and she has given her body to the pro wrestling business countless times, especially for WWE. She might not be 100% happy though, or at least she’s hinting huge about leaving.

Mauro Ranallo posted a video showing off his piano skills. Then The Boss commented saying something that fans did’t see coming.

“Need you to call one of my matches before I leave.”

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It is said that Sasha Banks is another one that WWE needs to keep happy. Because The Boss could be out the door when her contract is up as well. This isn’t the first time she’s hinted about leaving WWE either.

In another report, Sasha Banks is said to be leaving on the ground of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is happening when the WWE Universe thought she would push her career a little further before jumping into motherhood.

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WWE Star Sasha Banks, has become an expectant mother with a fetus in her womb. So we are set to see another WWE Star put to bed. Wow, The Boss is pregnant for a superstar.

Sasha Banks has become an expectant mother with a fetus in her womb, our source have learnt. This is indeed good news to all The Boss’s fans and family.

Sasha Banks recently got married to her boyfriend Sarah Ton happily. It is revealed that the two of them has been dating for quite a fairly long time. The love among them was very strong and full of life which gave birth to their marriage, though key because they didn’t want to make a fuss with the WWE fans.