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Rusev and Lana get married, Lana Pregnant

WWE star Lana is pregnant — “I’m finally becoming a mother soon,” Lana has announced.

Lana and Rusev has been married for two years now, and their love has been growing in substance by the day despite no kids yet.

The former United States champion Rusev recently had a tour with his beautiful wife, Lana which lasted for about 29 days.

WWE Star Lana

WWE Star Lana celebrating pregnancy

While the lovers were at the tour, there were displays of photos in social media show how romantically they are enjoying themselves outside WWE. Honestly speaking, it was fun anyway.

That said, words rocking the wrestling world now is that Catherine Joy Perry who is signed to the WWE company as Lana is pregnant for her beloved husband.

According to the report, the pregnancy is…
See Lana’s pregnancy photo…

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According to report, the pregnancy is becoming obvious already; hence Lana would have to be off ring-work for a while. Yes, she will be out of duty from WWE when her time fully comes.

I strongly believe that fans all over the Universe has long been expecting this and eventually it has come even though it came as a rumor which may be true, anyway. Below is her pregnancy scan we got from a source.

WWE Lana happy with pregnancy    WWE beautiful Lana happy with pregnancy

When Rusev was to speak about the pregnancy, he was hilariously obsessed with it. Lana and Rusev decided to have “the talk” about whether or not they want a bunch of Bulgarian babies.

Rusev wants kids, and lots of them. And he brings them up at every single opportunity he can get. The problem is, even though Lana knows that her man wants kids, she’s not totally sold on the idea of having a family of her own, especially a large family.


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And while that’s all good and fine, Lana never learned the old adage about “washing your dirty laundry in the house,” and proceeds to air out the couple’s beefs in front of their friends. Below is Lana’s pregnancy photo scan…

Pregnacy scan

Ultimately, the happy couple decided to grow their family to one with great admiration given the way Lana is acting.

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