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Steve Austin and Ahmed Johnson

On Monday’s Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry discussed his interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin that will air this Sunday on the WWE Network. In that episode, Mark said he talked about his dislike for Ahmed Johnson:


“There was a conversation had about Ahmed Johnson saying that Steve was a racist. We touched on that briefly. I was like, listen, Ahmed Johnson was a piece of sh*t. He would lie when the truth would fit, and anything that he said was to protect Ahmed.

Steve Austin

So, if he bashed Steve, calling him a racist was the worst thing you can do, of course he is going to do it. I’m not going to side with you because of what color you are.

I’m going to side with you because you are right and you go by facts. He (Ahmed Johnson) was very unreliable in his career, proving who he was.

I didn’t have to add anything to it, but I told a story about him (Johnson) putting somas in my tea at a restaurant because he wanted to stay in the town that we were in and we were riding together, me, him, and Rikishi. He tried to, but I saw them in my drink. They didn’t dissolve. I threatened to kill him.

Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. wrestling

I went outside and said, come outside. I am not leaving until you come outside. He would not come out. He was a coward.

I would have at least been able to respect him and I probably would not have brought it up anymore if he would have come outside and just took that ass whooping like he should have, but he didn’t.

Rikishi, was like listen, don’t act like we (Johnson and Rikishi) were trying to do this I didn’t know. I didn’t find out until you found out. I ended up leaving him and Rikishi at the restaurant in West Palm and I drove to Miami.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin

“Broken Skull Sessions” with special guest Mark Henry debuts this Sunday at 10 am eastern in the on demand section of the WWE Network.