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The Brown’s coach Hue Jackson said Corey Coleman has to get in shape has he’s explosive and can easily catch the ball the extremely talented and gifted player has gotten it all but he needed to get back into that very known fitness as everyone is ready to help him get to where he need to be.

Jackson said he wouldn’t be bringing the issue up again if the think Coleman could handle the situation that was why I laughed at him.
Jackson, who admitted to ribbing Coleman during practice, said he wouldn’t be bringing it up if he didn’t think Coleman could handle it.

Jackson said, “He understands where he needs to be and I’m excited about him. He gets it. It’d be different if I didn’t think a young man gets it, he does, and he knows also there’s work to do. That’s what this is all about. That’s why they call us coaches. We’ve got to take these guys and mold them into our culture and to our idea of being football players for the Cleveland Browns and we’ll get them there.”

Wow, this I think is the reason people rush after coach Jackson for hire just because he is blunt and at the same time encourages, over the next four years The Browns are will be the youngest teams in football and more importantly setting a tone early is the main task. Jackson has obviously been waiting for a second chance at the head coaching gig and he can’t avoid starting it with player not up to his taste.