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Brock Osweiler was locked into a hefty deal after seven starts with Broncos last years while the team also spent their first and third-round picks on an unstable field stretching wide receivers mainly (Will Fuller and Braxton Miller) to pair DeAndre Hopkins.

The motivated Hopkins, despite having minimal quarterback play had an outstanding 111 catches for 1,521 yards and 11 touchdowns, on the draft night he said may be no more double teams but for now the motivation is safe.

Hopkins said “I’m still going to get double-teamed until those guys go out there and do something,” and when two receivers are involve there is room for competition and help the growth of the team.

Hopkins added that what matters to him most is the availability of someone that will through him football at least 20 yards downfield, saying of the quarterback field situation he is encounters.

Hopkins is said to be the most valuable player on Houston’s list not the famous J.J. Watt he knows that himself and also he knows strong performances from Will Fuller and helps from Braxton Miller will surely elevate Texans’ and their offense is enough beyond the league’s 19th best offense compare to last season this will theoretically promote Hopkins into a spot for his second contract. In practice Fuller and Miller will need to step up their game.