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Nia Jax bikini and swimsuit photo as a model

Nia Jax is a plus-size model as well as a professional wrestler… The former Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax now has a lover, and she just announced that they are dating. Who is WWE Star Nia Jax Dating? Who is Nia Jax in relationship with?


Ex-Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax now has a lover, and he just announced that they are dating. LOVE is in the WWE air after two superstars revealed they were a couple. Nia Jax is a wrestling Superstar who is related to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

She has been secretive about her relationships after she got into the limelight but it was later found out that she was in a 10 years long abusive behavior: she went through an abusive past affair that hurt her deeply.

Nia Jax bikini and swimsuit

Nia Jax pretty figure is lovely

WWE Star Nia Jax SECRET BOYFRIEND Leaks Online: Who’s Nia Jax dating?

This is one question on the mind of quite a number of WWE Fans as everyone wants to know who cuddles and soft-paddle Nia Jax after a hectic WWE schedule.

WWE Superstars have had the custom of dating the WWE Women stars. See the likes of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Andrade, John Cena and Nikki Bella, Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss and a host of others.

Nia Jax bikini and swimsuit photo

Before now, former Raw tag-team champion Luke Gallows announced to the world he is dating ex-women’s champion Nia Jax. He wrote: “Not to be weird, but with a strong heart I have to report… I’m dating Nia Jax.”

And that offended Nia jax and she broke the relationship: she didn’t want it public.

Who is Nia Jax dating? Who has she dated?

Nia Jax and Mike Rome relationship

Nia Jax is currently in a relationship and some fingers are pointing at Mike Rome as the new and secret boyfriend of Jax but there are no confirmation to the story yet, according to our records.

The closest we have as touching her dating life is her relationship with Luke Gallows. But just one day after Luke Gallows excitedly announced his budding romance with fellow WWE superstar Nia Jax on Twitter, Nia Jax broke up with him. She really wants a private dating life.

Ahead, we take a look at who is Nia Jax dating now, who has she dated, Nia Jax’s boyfriend, past relationships and dating history

Are Nia Jax And Mike Rome Dating?

Nia Jax and Mike Rome dating

There has been no indication that the two are dating. It just appears there’s something more between Nia Jax and Mike Rome that just friendship; evidence of a relationship is gradually surfacing as seen in the photos so far.

Mike Rome’s road to WWE is quite unique, but it has made him more than ready for his role as a ring announcer and host.

WWE RAW ring announcer Mike Rome doesn’t show his arms on WWE television since he’s usually in a suit while announcing Superstars as they make their way to the ring. It’s a shame because fans won’t get to see his new tattoo.

Nia Jax WWE Star

Nia Jax looking very sweet and romantic

Jax may be the Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls, but it appears she has now at least found a good brother to keep her company.

In case you didn’t know, Nia Jax dated Wrestler; although he is not yet broken into the WWE roaster, he wrestles for Evolve (a minor league).

The former WWE Raw Women’s Champion is presently dating Josh. Who wrestles in a minor league and is looking for an opportunity to move to the WWE. The couple owns a pit-bull boxer mixed puppy names Kali

The couple has a lot in common as they both love to workout at the Jim together. Their recent tweets also confirmed that there is something going on between them.

Nia Jax secretly dating again

Nia Jax still secretly dating again

Jax, who is cousins with WWE legend The Rock, has not competed in the ring for a while now owing injury she sustained and has undergone surgery duly.

She has denied rumours she has been battling injury but did state on Instagram she had been undergoing physical therapy.

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