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Nikki Bella is pregnant? On Instagram, Nikki Bella answered the question with regards to her having a baby for John Cena.

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John Cena who has never bent for idea of marriage and kids eventually made U-turn and proposed to 33-year old Nikki Bella back in April and the couple are already booting for their wedding.

And while that is still cooking, fans who were wondering if Nikki was pregnant after Brie Bella welcomed her adorable baby girl with her husband Daniel Bryan back in May thought it natural that her twin sister would get baby fever.

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Hence, a handful of them (Nikki Bella’s fans) who have been dubbed “The Bella Army” — left multiple comments on Nikki’s latest Instagram post asking her if she is pregnant.

The rumors apparently started after her fiancé posted a photo of a newborn baby with no caption and a lot of fans think that the child could be John and Nikki’s. “Does this mean Nikki was pregnant for the last few months?” one fan asked, and another wrote, “What if this is a sign that Nikki’s pregnant?!”
Fans would love to see the Total Divas star and John follow in Brie and Bryan’s footsteps and have a child of their own, but it doesn’t seem likely. During an interview promoting Season 2 of the Total Divas spin-off Total Bellas, Nikki said that watching her sister go through pregnancy, labor, and adjusting to life as a working mom has made her realize that maybe motherhood isn’t for her.

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“Seeing how much my sister has not only had to sacrifice her body, her life, and her career has really made me be like, really content with being an aunt the rest of my life,” the 33-year-old told E! News. She explained that on previous episodes of the series, fans witnessed conversations between Nikki and John about becoming parents. John has said in the past that the reason why he doesn’t want children is that he works so much and it would be hard to be there for his children with his busy schedule — and Nikki understands that now and she agrees with him.

John is constantly working on multiple projects, and Nikki is gearing up to launch a new wine company and a clothing line with Brie. She’s definitely more focused on her career right now, so when it comes to babies, she said, “I’m good.”

In another department, Nikki Bella accidentally spilled the name of their new wine; “And then we’re trying to launch Birdie Bee and Belle Radici. I just said the name. We didn’t even announce it yet. A wine!” Nikki laughed.