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Ronnie Garvin and Dusty Rhodes

Speaking on a recent episode of “Under the Mat Radio,” former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ronnie Garvin talked about several professional wrestling topics. Garvin talked about thinking that the Dusty Rhodes was “overrated,” and not going crazy after winning the World Championship.


The name Dusty Rhodes carries a lot of weight in the professional wrestling industry. Dusty was a famous professional wrestler in the NWA, and wrestled with the top wrestlers of the world in the past. He was a creative wrestler, but wasn’t known for his in-ring ability.

Dusty Rhodes NWA WWE

He was popular because he was good at storytelling. When he retired from in-ring competition he started working for various wrestling promotion as a booker and creative head.

He also worked with NXT. Ronnie Garvin, a former NWA wrestler, thinks that Rhodes doesn’t deserve the praise that he gets and that he is super overrated.

Ronnie Garvin NWA Championship title

Here are the highlights:

Thinking Dusty Rhodes was “overrated”: “Dusty Rhodes was overrated. He was the booker most places he went, Florida, Carolinas,” said Garvin. “I didn’t like what he did a lot of times.

Garvin states that Rhodes used to put himself in places where he didn’t belong and failed to get big money for the promotions that he worked at. “A lot of politics, he put himself in places he should’ve been, he didn’t draw the big of money,” stated Garvin.

Ronnie Garvin

“When he was in the main event, he booked 30 men on the card and had more gimmick matches”.

He also mentioned that Rhodes wanted to be at the center of the spotlight so badly that he undermined other wrestlers such as the Rock n’ Roll Express by booking them to wrestle at smaller venues and towns.

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes

The Rock n’ Roll Express were so over with the fans at that time that they could sell out any place that they worked at.

“When he was in the main event, he booked 30 men on the card and had more gimmick matches. Rock n’ Roll Express, those kids were so over.

So over, that they would sell out and Dusty Rhodes would book them in small towns because he didn’t want them on the same card as him because he wanted the thunder.”

Dusty Rhodes NWA title

Not going crazy after winning the World Championship: “You know I’ve had a lot of title matches, I don’t want to diminish the World Title, it was great,” said Garvin. “But I guess with luck and staying healthy long enough, I got to the very top.

To me, and I’m being honest, wrestling was a job, pure and simple. I didn’t go crazy because I was the world champion. I’ll tell you, the World Title is probably the most money I made in a short period of time.”